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Hello Everyone

i just thought I would introduce myself since I am new to the group.
I am a religious GNU/Linux user, programming addict, coffee addict,
book worm, and lame geeky joke enthusiast. :)
I am also a CS Student. My main interests are in
Operating Systems, Swarm Intelligence, and cognitive/social psychology.

Lately I have been writing my own source code editor. I hate the Vi editor.
I like emacs, although I think it is a bit overloaded for its purpose.
I mean, essentially from a command line point of view, a program
is in itself a function. But designing emacs  ( a function ) to be a web-browser,
email client, IM client etc... is just a walk off the reservation.
Sure, I could use a GUI based development environment but not a
big fan of GUI...
Anyway... I'm writing my own editor and I am finding it to be
a great experience.

I am interested in knowing about projects all of you are working on
and hearing your opinions and insights concerning computer science
and software engineering.

Looking to make friends who share interests, and continue
to grow a more active online community.

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