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Intro/noobish question

I'm a Unix guy who decided to go back to school and get his CS degree. I've done a fair bit of procedural programming in the past (mostly perl, other things too) but not much OO.
Right now I'm working on an assignment where I have a pointer to an array of structs. Each struct contains a boolean value and a pointer to a class. The class isn't really too exciting, it just has a C string and some functions to view/modify it.
When I try to set the value of the C string by directly accessing elements of the array, they all end up having the same value. On the other hand, if I use pointer arithmetic they end up working like I want them too. Unfortunately using pointer arithmetic will be very impractical for what I am trying to do. Code is behind the cut:

Here's the struct:
struct item
     bool empty;
     data  * name;

Here's the prototype for the data class:
class data
	data() : name(NULL) {}				// default constructor
	data(char const * const name);		// constructor
	~data();							// destructor

	data& operator=(const data& data2);

	char const * const getName() const;
	void setName(char const * const name);

	char * name;

	friend ostream& operator<< (ostream& out, const data& outData);
	friend bool operator< (const data& d1, const data& d2);
	friend bool operator== (const data& d1, const data& d2);

Here's the constructor for the data class:

data::data(char const * const name)

	this->name = new char[strlen(name) + 1];

Here's what I try to do that is not working:
void BST::insert (const data& aData)
	this->items[tempcounter].name = new data(aData.getName());
	tempcounter ++;

tempcounter is initialized to zero

Here's what does work, but won't really fit in with the rest of the assignment

void BST::insert (const data& aData)
         this->items->name = new data(aData.getName());
         items ++;

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