Comrade Commisar Devolutionary (devolve_absolve) wrote in cpp,
Comrade Commisar Devolutionary

Appeal for sanity

Hello there wonderful people,

I come seeking advice. I have an image processing assignment that I am required to do and while the processing isn't going to pose an issue, the preamble requires a GUI built in C, C++, or C# that will load an image in to a window, allow for the application of the various image processing requirements, and then saving the image. Sounds simple, but I'm not a C++ programmer. I know it better than C (and much better than C#) but I'm self-taught on PHP, Uni taught on Java, and we have had perhaps 1 hour of actual C++ lesson. In short, this is a touch tougher than I thought it would be.

My biggest issue is that I can not find any libraries that handle this sort of load and save procedure. I know it's probably something ridiculously easy and one of those many tidbits of assumed knowledge in the greater community, but I have no immersion in that environment. Basically I need to know where to look for this sort of functionality. I do have Visual Studio 2008 Pro, but again, has been used only for an OpenGL assignment which was literally "plug in the needed formulae".

Help appreciated! Thanks.
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