Fandom Lurker (keylah) wrote in cpp,
Fandom Lurker

Homework help please

Hi, I need some help with a C++ assignment. I'm supposed to write a Hangman program that can either draw a word randomly from a .txt file or get the word manually via user input. Number of guesses should be between 4 and 10, manually inputed.

Specifications of the program. While playing the game:
Display the letters already chosen
Display the number of guesses left
Display the portion of the word already guessed, inserting an * (asterisk) for each letter not yet guessed.

The game should be terminated by the input 'n' or 'N' and loop back to begin again if the user decides to continue playing.

Since the source code is really long, I'm uploading it to mediafire.

*I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 as my compiler.

Please help? Assignment's due to tomorrow and (much to my frustration) the program is running oddly. Any useful websites would be welcome as well.

Source Code:

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